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Some Internet Tools not available

Does the planet not realize that Apple has been around for 40 years? Microsoft, glorious problem free company that they are, is not the only software company that people use to run their computers. When will companies such as Cox understand that at some point they will need to make all services available to both Microsoft AND Apple users? There are some Internet Tools that I would like to be able to access such as security suites or connection checks but they require the use of Microsoft operating systems and Internet Explorer to operate. No matter how hard Microsoft users try to fight it, the fact is Apple users exist, there are millions of us and it would be very nice to be able to access ALL features that a company has to offer. Stop being techist against us Apple folk!

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      What specific tools are you talking about.  Nothing I know of requires IE, AFAIK, all tools run on multiple browsers.  The Cox Security Suite has versions for OS X 10.8 or higher & iOS 8 or higher.  I can't confirm how or if they work, I'm not a fan of McAfee so don't use it.  Yes, the speedtest requires Flash but that's an Ookla applet, not Cox.  There are other speedtest out there using html5 and run without flash.  Enhanced webmail also requires flash, hopefully Cox will redo it in html5 when it's updated.

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    @Windu27 The information AllenP gave is correct, the Security Suite is supported by Mac computers and portable devices. While the speed test link will not run due to Flash currently it is something being looked at for future updates. If there is something specific you are trying to do we can certainly assist further.

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