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So First you Scam me, then Charge me More Money for Using the Net?

I recently discovered that Cox has been charging me for the $99 plan, every month, for the last 4 or 5 years. 

But then I notice that the modem they sent to me when signing up for this plan, doesn't even handle the speeds and that I'll have to get a different modem if I want to get the speeds that I'm paying for!

Okay, so that's, what, $15 per month for the last 48 months? That's $720 that they scammed out of me. But was that enough? Was that enough for Cox?

No, of course it wasn't. 

Then today I find this email that lowered the overall cap and charges $10 per 50GB of overage. That's 1 large, AAA game on Steam, mind you. Seriously. Or 5 low-tiered games. 

My family of 4 watches Netflix and YouTube and we play games. That's it. We don't pay for TV so I guess this is how Cox is punishing those cord cutters and how? Because Their TV programming (which uses the EXACT SAME lines) as anyone else is completely exempt from data usage. 

So, you have people who use WAAAY more bandwidth than my family (because of the TV), yet they pay nothing but the cost of their TV. But if you use Netflix and YouTube to stream those same shows - or many of the same - then by God you're gonna' pay for it. 

I want to point out to all of you, though, that this is a DIRECT result of Donald J Trump's FCC. Immediately upon entering the office, Trump appointed Ajit V. Pai who openly remarks about his hatred for net neutrality. Well, one of the first things Trump did was remove price caps (which will cost public schools, hospitals, colleges, small businesses a lot more money) and it paved the way for staggered pricing for your stuff. 

Cox's next move will most likely be to charge Netflix money for using its lines, so they'll be making money from BOTH you and those entertainment providers. 

Anti-Cox website? Don't worry -- it won't show up when you use Cox's internet. Anti-Trump website? Nah, they love Trump. He just made their shareholders rich. 

So Cox is scamming me - in a literal way with their lies and having sent me a modem for a package that I've ALWAYS had that doesn't even handle the top tier of speed, but then also by Trumping my internet with these completely bogus "Bandwidth" charges. 

It should be noted that South Koreans pay $20 per month for Gigabit internet which is currently being rolled out to every household in that country. Their internet is already faster than ours and they pay a fraction of what we pay and they have no data cap. 

Instead of investing in infrastructure, Cox decided to use all their profits to lobby the government, pay Trump some royalties, and get Ajit V. Pai to destroy the regulations put in place to protect the consumer from monopolistic companies. 

Shame on you, Cox. Shame on you. 

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    As much as COX would like you to blame the FCC....they were charging OVERAGE FEES  before Pai took over control...OBAMA was still President when this ** started.

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    The reason they are doing this is due to people are CUTTING THE CABLE! They are streaming instead of paying for there expensive cable tv or satralite packages!

    I am in the same boat, I normally use 3tb a month! I have 4 TVS all streaming, 3 game systems, 5 cell phones that use the WIFI, 3 computers, one that is on 24hrs a day!

    This limit not use STUPID! Looks like I will go back to century link, atleast they DO NOT HAVE CAPS!!

    Where I am at now, century link stinks highest I can get is 5 mb download, so I will be moving next year, and will be looking to see for a good area for century link! BYE Cox, I have been with yall for 30 years also.

    Aaron Hart

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    FYI That is incorrect. CenturyLink does have caps and it is a lot lower than cox. They just do not currently charge (will likely change). 

    • 1.5 Mbps plans: 150 Gigabytes
    • Plans greater than 1.5 Mbps: 250 Gigabytes

    The EUP only impacts certain residential customer plans. Business class and residential 1 Gbps plans, and the High-Speed Internet and video traffic of Prism®TV customers, are excluded.