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SMTP not passing through from off network

I have 3 Cox email addresses via a virtual account, and use them worldwide.  While in the EU or middle east any email I send will look as though it has sent, but never reaches its destination.  I receive no returned mail errors and no SMTP errors.

I would like to keep these addresses, as a significant amount of business traffic flows through them, but if I can't use them outside the Cox network as they were advertised, there is no point.

Is it possible to change this somehow on the server side?  Maybe enforce secure password authentication (SPA) and allow connections from any IP address?

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  • omnibaer,

    There is an additional layer of protection on our network which affects customers outside of the country. Are you able to sign in to any of the The following Cox webpages when outside the country?
    •Internet Tools
    •My Account
    •My Services
    •View/Pay Bill
    •WebMail / Cox Email

    On the Cox Email login page, you should be prompted to provide an additional layer of account authentication. Please let me know if you are able to sign in to WebMail when overseas.

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    This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason: Each of the following recipients was rejected by a remote mail server. The reasons given by the server are included to help you determine why each recipient was rejected. 554 dnvrco-cmimta15 esmtp ESMTP server not available AUP#I-1000 Please reply to if you feel this message to be in error. ------------------------------------------------- Been going on for nearly 2 years at domain Used to work fine. Mt daughter had to get a gmail address so we could communicate. Now I have a friend at that domain and can't send to him also
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    Are you sending from webmail or from an email client?

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    I can access all of those sites, yes.  I just can't send email via SMTP.

    Also, I never got any notifications that this was replied to.

  • omnibaer,

    Please check out our website to ensure the settings on your client email in use.