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Slow/Dropping connections in NoVA

Is anyone else having connections problems in the NoVA area? I'm getting tons of timeouts and dropped packets. When I do a speed test, download speeds are very inconsistent and upload speed barely register. I've done all the normal things like reseting the router etc so it seems like a network problem so I'd like to hear if others are having the same problems before wasting hours on the phone with support.

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    @Tom R

    Looking from this end no obvious problems stand out with the modem. Can you try testing with a PC connected directly to the modem and see if you get the same results?

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    Tom--Not sure if it's the same issue, but I have been having DNS lookup issues (also in NoVA.)  I get 5-10-second "Looking up [site]" messages, and frequent timeouts, approx message:  "Can't find server, check your spelling."

    This seems to happen with all browsers, but even happens with my e-mail client (T-Bird) connecting to the cox pop and smtp servers!

    I do NOT have data transfer speed problems: just initial connections.

    This problem sometimes seems to go away for a while, but only for a short time.

    Cox support "cleared a cache" for me (not customer accessible, apparently) a couple of times, and that seemed to help, but again just for a short while.

    I had a Cox tech out last week checking the physical connections and signal strength, which he said were all OK.

    Most recently, I tried a traceroute (function built into my Motorola Internet modem/gateway) and was surprised that most tests failed after 10-15 hops. That seems bad to me, but I am not a network engineer so maybe it's not significant.

    You can see my most recent posting here if you search for a "DNS" tag in the Internet Forum.

    Good luck!