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Slow Upload Speeds - Constant Contact With Technical Support.


I've been contacting the online and phone technical support constantly about the issue of my extremely slow upload speeds.

Here is what I've done on my end:

1.) Brand new Cox approved 24x8 Modem.

2.) Brand new ethernet cords.

3.) I have called support and had them send a tech out. He regulated the signal to noise ratio and power levels, which were a bit low. This did not solve my problem.

4.) I have called and spoken to online support 5-6 times. I'm being told that my connection is fine but I was the one answering questions for them, so this was not encouraging.

5.) I have tried my connection on another computer to ensure it wasn't a faulty LAN issue.

I've made sure to use the COX approved speed tester first. I have the Ultimate plan and I'm getting 1Mbps to 3Mbps of upload speed, which was not the case a week ago. 

I do not torrent, I use my account for my media position which is now being hindered by these horrendous upload speeds. I've been with Cox for over ten years and have never had issues like this.

Here is an image of the Cox speed tester.

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    There's definitely a lot going on here when I take a look. I can't see your speed test results as how they're apparently posted on a site our workplace firewall doesn't permit access to. I did look at your account history and your results from December all look good. The modem and the router however are both problems. Neither of them appears to support Ultimate speeds which will need to be addressed.