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slow unreliable speeds

This is the plan we pay for: 

Ultimate Internet Service

Up to 300 Mbps download

  • Up to 30 Mbps upload

  • 1024 GB data plan

This is the service we receive! This is from a computer directed connected to the modem. 

StartCox NetHelpDownload SpeedUpload SpeedLatencyYour IP AddressCox Market
Mon Oct 9 11:55 AM No 60 Mbps 24 Mbps 15 millisec Kansas

Whenever the wind blows we have nothing but problems. I am tired of being told to replace our equipment. They have ran a new line to our house and we still have the exact same problem we have experienced for over a year now. We have replaced our equipment twice and I am tired of spending hundreds on equipment on top of the hundreds we have spent on cox service just to have them never fix a problem. It is obvious they have a problem with the lines! Fix them!

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  • The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable, Telephone and High Speed Internet services with other customers. This appears as if you may need for someone to look into your account personally.  We can definitely be able to assist you with this.  Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at Provide us the name on the account with the full service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.