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Slow real time upload speed - conflicting speed test results

I'm experiencing slow real time upload speeds. The speed test on Cox website have conflicting results. I've had 8 techs out to my house over the last 4 months and the issue has not been resolved. I am experiencing the same exact issues as user . We are both in Arizona. Here is his thread.

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  • My issue is also similar to the problem in this thread. 

  • Since the last techs were out the download speed has increased but the upload speed is still very poor. 

  • The upload speed is so poor I cannot upload speed test images to my post here on the forum. 

  • Hi Kyle,

    I believe I was able to locate your account. I'm sorry to learn of the ongoing troubles you've experienced. I'd like to escalate this to Field Leadership. Please email us your contact number, address, and the link to this thread to

    Thank you,
  • Field leadership were the last people out to my house. The issues still isn't resolved. Every tech that has been out to my house has discredited the speed test on the cox website. Obviously I'm not the only person who has had this issue. 

  • I am directly connected to the modem and network cable that the senior field tech installed. There are no other programs running and no other devices connected to the modem. Here are my results.