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Slow modem

Cox made me upgrade my modem from a Cisco DPC3010 to a Arris SB6182 ever since then my internet speeds have dropped noticeably. Only thing to change was the modem.


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    HI Wing, are you using the same type of connection, do you have a wireless router connected to the modem or do you go straight from the PC to the modem with an ethernet cable?
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    I have a similar issue. I am using a 4x4 channel modem - Arris Surfboard SB6121, but when I look at the configuration through url: (, I observe that there is only 1 Download and 1 upload Bonding channel whereas my modem supports 4 Download and 4 upload bonding channels. Can you please look into the details.

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    You should get a better modem, the netgear cm1000 and the arris sb8200 are pretty good. 

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    Thanks Tiffany for the reply.

        I will be moving to a new house on 18th Jan and for that reason I am definitely going to buy a new Modem i.e. Cisco DPC3010, which is a 8x4 channel modem. The Cox website suggested this Cisco modem for the Premier internet plan(150 mbps). Can you confirm if this is Okayish. I will test my new modem when I shift to the new house (Tempe, AZ) on Jan 18th.

       I was just curious why I am I seeing only 1 bonding channel in the configuration of Assix Surfboard SB6121 in my current house. I see only a green LED indicator instead of blue on the SB6121 modem for download and upload streams, which means that there is only one channel bonded. 

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    I would NOT suggest a DOCSIS 3.1 modem when OP doesn't have D3 yet. CM1000 has a bricked firmware om some CMTS and I don't think the SB8200 has been released yet. At the very least it isn't on Cox list.  SB6183 is the safest bet right now.

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     Hi, I see that you've already received a response regarding your question, and with purchasing the upgraded modem, I agree with Techknowhelp's response.  You will really want to consider purchasing the higher channel modem, as we are constantly upgrading and updating our systems and speeds to meet customer demands and usage. The Cisco DPC 3010 modem you're considering purchasing has been out for quite a few years.  You want to keep in mind when upgrading equipment such as your modem, you want to think ahead of the game to keep up with the ongoing upgrades.  Also, as previously stated, I too see that your modem is currently bonding all 4-channels for both upstream and downstream and all signal strengths are good.  Let us know if you have any further concerns.  

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    I just checked. I can see 4 upload and 4 downstream bonded channels. Thanks for helping.