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Slow Loading Web Pages

For about the past week, web pages have been taking between 45 sec to 1:30 mins to load.  Email takes about 45 secs to find and login to the server.  I noticed at several local businesses that utilize Cox that they have said things like, "hold on, the web is very slow today" when doing things like trying to call up online schedules or product pages on the Web.  

What is going on, Cox?  Is there a problem with your DNS servers?  Has anyone checked into this?  Is it also impacting the TV box (it takes sometimes up to 2 mins before the box responds to a channel change request, and many times when the channel changes, you have up to 2 mins of black and silence before the channel feed appears)?

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  • Hi wmcole,

    I regret you have been experiencing service issues.  There are no reports of any DNS matters in your area.  Are you connected to a wireless network or is your computer hardwired directly to the modem?  If you are connected to a wireless network, I recommend bypassing the router and see if the issue persists. I'd like to take a closer look to see if your problems are related.  Please send us an email to with your service address.  Be sure to include the link to this thread.  We look forward to assisting you.