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For the past several months my internet connection speed is super slow and sometimes it freezes, my service plan should be up to 150 Mbps but I am only getting about 77 Mbps, I've tried unplugging and replugging my router to reboot but the internet is much slower than I detect my neighbors' signals, I get 2-bars and I am picking up my neighbors' signal at 4-5 bars. Perhaps my router needs replacement?

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    What router do you have?  WiFi signal strength is purely a router function, has nothing to do with your Cox internet connection.  Are you connecting via wireless "n"?  If so, 77Mbps is good for "n", you won't get much more unless you switch to wireless "ac" on the 5GHz band, assuming your devices can handle it.  Also, what speed do you get with a wired gigabit connection directly to the modem?  That's a better measure of the capability of your internet connection.

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