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Slow internet download with Premium package

If I have the Premium package (50Mbps download), why does the internet speed test only show 10-15 Mbps? I have a relatively new modem (Arris SB6141, bought last year) and a brand new Apple AirPort router. Two months ago, Cox replaced my hard phone line with a phone modem that shares the incoming internet cable line. I purchased the Apple router to replace an older Apple router that was the culprit in interrupted WiFi service, I suspect. Even though I don't have the interruptions, the download speed is still slow.

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    @Marc P

    Looking form this end I don't see anything reported by the modem that could be causing this. Can you try connecting a PC directly to the modem then resetting the modem and see if the speeds are the same?

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    I feel ya buddy. I have premiere (150mbps)  and get 10 down and 11 up. I have had techs out to my apartment in the last year and they can't seem to figure it out...without trying to blame my equipment cause they can't figure it out.