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Slow Gigablast speeds with my home pc's on ethernet connections.

I just got Gigablast and my Ethernet (LAN) speeds on three different PC's in three different places in the home never get more than the low 400's MB.  The technician says I am getting 950MB from the fiber into their supplied router.  He says "I need to get my PC's cleaned out."  That seems like a silly answer, but I had Geek Squad to it anyway.  No change.  I have also upgraded my drivers on all three PC's.  I used to get 150-180 MB on all my PC's with the COX high speed internet I used to have.  So I have only doubled my speed in the home with Gigablast.  It doesn't see worth it. Cox Level 2 support has more or less given up talking to me.  For reference, one of my PC's is a 6-month old DELL INSPIRON 5459.  I used to get 180 MB on this with the old Cox Modem high speed internet through the same Ethernet connection.  The Gigablast speed seems to never get over 425 MB.  Any ideas out there?

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    I did a quick Google search of the Inspiron 5459 and it mentions this PC as being equipped with a 1x1 wireless-AC adapter however no mention of whether or not it has and Ethernet port or how fast. Factoring in overhead 450Mbps is about within expectations for the maximum speeds you should see over wifi. Ultimately gigiabit Internet connections were designed with the idea in mind that they be faster than what most consumer equipment can handle so as to maximize said equipment's potential.

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    According to the specs for the Dell I 5459 (page 11), the network card is only 10/100Mbps. My guess is even if you had ethernet plugged in, you were connected to wireless, and actually getting the faster then 100Mbps speed from the Wifi AC.

     I would agree with the technician that the laptop would have to be upgraded to get faster then 100Mbps on ethernet. Do you have anything with a gigabit (1000Mbps) network interface card?