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I cannot connect my Sling Box with any set top box from Cox.  All worked well with Verizon, but now with new install from Cox, my SLing Box cannot locate  a set top box.  Not one model # or serial # is identified by SLing box. 

I know that Cox does not 'support' Sling Box connectivity problems, as I've been told, but thinking this is a discussion forum to brainstorm or learn from others my quest is merely seeking out others with a similar issue.  Thanks.

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  • @slingbox,

    Sadly, we do not support or the troubleshooting of their products. I would suggest reaching out to manufacturer and see if they are able to assist you with it. Also, I will leave this thread open in case another customer has additional information. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

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    I have a slingbox and have mine working.  I might be able to help you if you can give me a bit more info

    on your slingbox.  I have the M2 box and had a lot of trouble when I switched to the Contour 2 box.  They no longer

    offered the 5 componet outputs on the back of their box to go from cable box to slingbox.  I had to purchase

    a HDMI to componet converter that also has a HDMI straight through for the TV when watching cable.

    Unfortunately I would have had to replaced the Contour 2 box and go back to my previous box with the 5 componet

    outputs without this adapter.   My brother recently upgraded to Contour2 and had the same problem.  We both had

    to pay an extra expense due to this inconvenience.

    In addition, the brief  time I have had Contour 2 I have had more service calls then I every had with years of the old

    box so I feel your pain.   Maybe some day COX will offer their Watch On LIne (watch your cable channels over the internet)

    offering all the channels you pay for regardless if you in your home or away.  Right now they strip many channels when your not connected to your local home router.  Stupid.


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    Hey Kent,

    Thanks so much for your insight.  Out of total frustration, I installed the Slingbox at my daughters house as she has Verizon with a cable box with both HDMI and Component video output.  When we installed it with only HDMI, I couldn't get the preview screen to load in the configuration.  When we added the component video it worked like a charm.  I have the Slingbox 500 which is marketed as compatible with HDMI.  Since it has both HDMI input and output, I don't understand why I would need the component video but if it works, it works.

    I will look for the adaptor and try that.  Sounds like your adaptor has 2 outputs:  one component that went to your Slingbox and one HDMI that you ran to your that correct?  Do you have any output running to your TV from the Slinbgox?  I know when i had Verizon, I ran the HDMI out from the Slingbox to the TV and that worked fine.  Also, I didn't see my make and model number DVR anywhere in the Slingbox configuration....what did you end up choosing for the cable box in your Slingbox configuration?

    I hear you about watching on the web.  When I had Verizon, they also limited many of the channels available from web viewing.  I think some of that is contractually what they can and cannot due...that's why the Slingbox is awesome.

    Thanks again, I appreciate the input!!