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Slingbox 500 with a Cisco XiD (Model CXD01ANI) Contour 2

I just upgrade to Contour 2 due to major DVR issue. When they did this, they replaced my Cisco Model GSH4742 with the mini HDMI receiver, Cisco XiD (Model CXD01ANI). The mini HDMI receiver does not come with any components that is need for sound but it does not support infrared for online remote control. Suggestion how I can get around the components and the missing IR remote control?

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    You will need a HDMI splitter, not a switch.  Also you will need a HDMI to component adapter.  Sling offers one for 70 bucks.

    You can get the two from Amazon for around 40 bucks.  I just switched to Cox for tv service.  Slingbox works like a charm.