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Slingbox 500 Set Up Issues

I just had Cox Contour 2 installed with an Aaris AX013ANM DVR.  I can't get the Slingbox to function because it cannot see the specific Aaris model.  When I try other Aaris models, or other Cox models, the remote that the Slingbox loads will not operate the TV.  Slingbox worked perfectly with the Verizon DVR and it was wired as follows:  HDMI out from the DVR to the Slingbox HDMI in, HDMI out from the Slingox to the HDMI in on the TV.  Also had component video cables from the Verizon DVR to the Slingbox.

Any help in getting this working is greatly appreciated!!

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    Hi slingbox,

    We won't be able to provide support for a third party device. Are you having any issues using the remote that was provided by us to control the TV? If so, we can help with our equipment.

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    no issues with the Cox remote.  I was hoping for some help from the community since there must be other people out there with a Slingbox 500 and AarisAX013ANM DVR that have gotten it to work