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skipped channels

Argh. Made the mistake of hitting the yellow button while trying to un-skip a channel. That un-skipped EVERY channel.

Now I'm back in skip-channels ***, where there's no simple way to skip blocks of channels, where skipping a bunch of channels in a row leaves bunches of skipped channels un-skipped, and channels I've skipped keep on un-skipping themselves when I try to skip other channels.

Cox has been worse than useless in resolving this obvious problem in their broken software. No doubt they'll make some brain-dead solution like replacing a working piece of hardware to get a new version of software that, without any doubt, won't have any sort of a fix for this problem in it either.

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  • And, while I was sitting here, not doing a thing to my cable box, two channels I've tried to skip about five times have just returned on their own.

    Someone owes me money. This isn't my *** job.

  • Hi Blair,

    Thank you for posting. Pressing the select button on a channel in the skipped list will either skip or un-skip that channel. Pressing the A button, will deselect all. I want to make sure I fully understand the issue that you're encountering. Are you unable to select certain channels in the list, or are some channels appearing back in the guide after choosing to skip them in the skipped channels list? 

  • Just about everything that can go wrong is going wrong.

    When I select channels in the skipped list, often they will still be in the guide when I go back to the guide. This is especially problematic when many channels need to be skipped. It takes dozens of attempts to get all of the channels I want skipped to remain skipped. This last time it took an hour and a half of constant skipping and checking.

    Sometimes skipped channels come back after a few minutes or a few days.

    Sometimes un-skipped channels disappear after an unknown time.

    Sometimes skipping one channel makes multiple channels get skipped. Same for un-skipping those channels. For instance, I can't skip or un-skip 1299 without 1305 and 1699 taking the same state. I can't skip 949 unless I want to lose 1949. This doesn't happen with the rest of the channels, or at least I'm probably not hitting the ones it does happen to.

    I refuse to believe that you don't have plenty of reports of these problems. There are reports in the online forum going back years, including some of my own. It happens regardless of the hardware, as I even got a box replaced and the same problem occurred. It's just pathetically lousy software design and Cox has never done a single thing to address its cause.

    Neither I nor anyone else should have to be subjected to this annoyance by a service that's so expensive.


  • Blair houghton,

    Thank you for the details and update. We have created a ticket to our video team to review and investigate this trouble you've shared with us about the skipped channels and notated your account.