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Skipped Channel Feature

When is Cox going to finally reinstate the Skipped Cannel feature which they had before Contour. Seems like a simple thing to carry over and was very useful. 

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We will forward this request to our programming team.

    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    contour and contour2 are entirely new they are not built by the same teams that wrote the previous guide software

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    I just moved from DirectTV to Contour.  This was the first thing I noticed as missing and my biggest gripe as well.  Please add the skip channel feature in ASAP.

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    Still waiting. It's unbelievable that this wouldn't be a top priority. Channel surfing ** now.

    what if Apple or Google installed the entire catalog of apps on your phone and you had no way to delete them.

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    Thankfully, my DVR uses the Rovi software. At the moment I have 892 skipped channels. When Cox adds a channel to their lineup it shows up in the guide. Invariably, if I check it out, I get the splash screen that says, "To subscribe to this channel call 1-800...", and into the skipped basket it goes.

    Not having the skipped channels feature in Contour is not an oversight by Cox. That's not something you just forget to include. Nor are they working to implement it. It is a marketing decision pure and simple.

    How would you know you could be watching the Ice Fishing Channel right now, for an added monthly fee of course, if it wasn't listed in your guide?