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Skip channels while channel surfing in Contour 2

In the previous version of my cable, Cox Contour, I was able to designate channels to skip while "surfing" channels (i.e., using the channel up and channel down buttons). As a result of this feature, the channels I had selected to skip did not come up while surfing. In the new Contour 2, this feature seems to be missing. There only seems to be an option to set a "favorites" list in the Guide but I don't surf channels via the guide; I like to use the channel up and channel down buttons as indicated earlier. Has anyone else noticed this obvious missing feature and/or figured out how to do what I'm asking? I can't believe that Cox would eliminate this feature purposely... Thank you.

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    The tuner box is not a great experience.  With the box now required to be used due to the 'upgrade' to digital, it's a horrible experience.

    First of all, you can't edit your channels.  It's all of them.

    You can edit the 'skip channel' list but that only works when you're flipping.  When you're in the guide view, you still see all the channels that exist on the network.  It should be based upon subscription level like DirecTV has it.  It just makes the TV experience that bad.  Sure the On Demand is nice as well as the Music Channels if you use it but they're severely limiting.  On Demand is like putting in a DVD or something like that.  It doesn't need the day to day use that channel flipping does.

    Then on top of that, without the tuner box on a digital TV, channel flipping only took .9 seconds per channel.
    With the box, it's 2.5 second per channel then 6 freakin seconds for a channel you don't have.

    With my TV as the tuner, I could flip through 114 channels easily.  Now I have about 2000 ( I know it's less than that but the highest channel is 1998) and it's extremely time consuming to edit that list for only half of what I can use it for.  The guide view is still screwed.

    And since it's 'digital', there should be a way to edit your channel list with our Cox profile.

    The phone service is pretty seamless with regards to web, mobile app, and phone device but the cable TV is a horrible experience.

    Put the channels back so our TV's have a use instead of being a glorified monitor.

    Oh, and PIP doesn't even work.  What the ***!!

  • Contour 2 skip channels,

    You are correct that there is a way to setup Default Guide View to show Favorites and show only those channels in the guide with the New Contour. There isn't a way to skip channel surf your favorites outside of the guide view. I can see why you would appreciate this feature, and we can submit this feedback for you.


    Thanks for your message! What digital receiver model are you having these concerns with the channel response time, PIP, and skip channel list option.

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    I have the Cisco 4742HDC.

    It took me about 5 days to use the channel skip feature to remove the channels I don't have which is something I shouldn't have had to do and the method of which to skip a channel really wasn't easy.  If I wanted to skip channel 1071, I had to remember 1071, take 6 button steps to get to remove it, then verify it which didn't work correctly all of the time.  Anyway, the skipped channels do not show during the channel flip or in the guide so that is OK.

    The channel response time since I've had the tuner a while now averages 1.5 to 4 seconds mostly 2.5 seconds.  I know it's 6 seconds for not having the channel but those have been removed which again, I shouldn't have had to.

    Just scanning a moment ago, surrounding the CNN channel, it was 2.5 seconds, 2.5, 4 seconds, 2.5, 1.5 seconds.

    I know that sounds trivial but it's a big deal.  It shouldn't operate that way because it doesn't in other places.

    The PIP does not work and that would really be a nice feature since it takes so long.  Using my TV tuner, it took under 2 seconds for a 3 to 1 PIP channel scan.

    Thanks for your reply!

  • AZ_Cassidy,

    The PIP feature is not a functioning feature through the 4742 HDC. Are you experiencing the delay with a Hard reset to the receiver? If no fix after a 20 second reset, I would recommend a soft reset. You may try a remote reset to the receiver without even calling. You may sign in to our website with your Cox credentials and click reset.

    Please let us know how this goes,