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Should I upgrade my ancient modem (my account also has wrong modem listed)?

Hi, I am on the cox high speed internet plan (up to 50 Mbps dl, 10 Mbps ul).  I recently noticed my cable modem is a very old model and I'm wondering if I would see any improvements if I replaced it.  The model is:

ARRIS / Motorola SURFboard SB5101U DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem

BUT, When I check my account online it says I have this modem:

I don't know why my account has the wrong modem listed.  Anyway, would I see any improvement if I got something newer than my current SB5101U model?

Thanks for any help with this.


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    yes definitely. You're not even able to pull those speeds you listed with a D2 modem....A signal 256 QAM DOCSIS channel caps out at around 34-37 mbps after overhead and FECs is taken into consideration