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Should I sue Cox?

I had a promotion on my account 3 months ago and I needed to put my account on hold for a while. I contacted Cox and they told me I can pay a monthly charge of 6$ to keep my account on hold and the lady on phone declared that I will have the same promotion when I come back. Now I called them to reinstall my service and they say that promotion is not available and I'm going to pay about 57$ per month instead of 40$. And they only give me oppologies for the wrong information they have given to me. Can I sue cox and how?

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    I might keep on them or talk to a big boss, not sure what suing them would get you except high court costs.

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    Suing would be more of a pain & cost to you. Unfortunately I'm sure this is the only broadband provider in your area with decent speeds(my alternative is a 10up 1down DSL line) so unless you feel like going through the hassle of a class action law suit then just pay what you have to pay :(. You can try griping about it for a while & may get lucky, but I've had a noted problem with my internet since I've been a customer with them and the problem still persists to this day. 8 Techs, 2 submitted tickets to the "plant" by techs, threats of charging me for technician visits, and countless phone calls later; I'm still have issues with a dodgy upload speed and dropped packets.

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    cox is *** that's why. they only tell you what you want to hear to SELL. They also won't tell you that if you follow their instructions to add a phone to your email that you will lose ALL in box emails! I lost 29 years worth and they thought it was ok. "Sorry, we can't retrieve that for you." 29 freakin years of saving the emails that are important with messages from your parents who have since died. I will never read them again thanks to!!!
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    Hi Feri,

    We'd be happy to investigate this issue and address your concerns, however, we're unfortunately unable to discuss billing issues in a public technical forum. Please email our team at Be sure to include your name, complete address, the last four of your SSN, and your issue.

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    Do you recall if your phone was setup with a POP or IMAP connection? POP clients will download the mailbox inbox contents to that particular device.

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    dang1, that's why you do backups.  I would not trust even a day of critical, irreplaceable anything to a single server.  I know this is after the fact but there are a few ways to backup email.  (1) You can create an IMAP account in a client like Thunderbird then copy all (or just critical) email to a local folder.  That will put a copy on your hard drive which you can then backup to another drive or the cloud.  (2) Another method is creating a POP3 account on client, making sure you select "leave messages on server until I manually delete them".  This will bring a copy down to your local drive which again you can backup to another drive or the cloud.  Things happen, that's why you do backups.

    Like Chris said, if you created a POP3 account on your phone and did not set if to leave messages on the server, just the act of getting the email would delete them but keep a local copy on your phone.  That's the way POP3 works, nothing to do with Cox or their email service.  BTW, what phone OS and email client are you using?  If they are still on your phone, you may be able to send them back to the server.

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    Feri, talk to a supervisor.  In my experience, Cox can pull a recording of your original conversation.  If a CSR told you something and the recording confirms it, Cox will honor what the CSR said.  Again, that's been my experience, but I'm not an employee so can't make you a promise.