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Shady, misleading advertising.

Yes, I'm aware this is a technical forum, however, there has to be some place to register a complaint about your misleading advertising and shady business practices.

I ordered four new "paks" for my cable TV service, to include variety, movies, and two sports paks. These came out to about $25/mo for the four packs, which was reasonable. However, what your site did NOT mention is that I would have to upgrade all of my cable boxes. I currently have the mini boxes on all my TVs, and to receive the "paks" I would have to get the big receivers -- an additional $6 a month just for receivers. That means the price of your "paks" would cost me an additional FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH. And that's not even including the rate the paks would cost me *after* the 12-month period.

It's a real shame we don't have any other cable TV providers out here, or I'd be gone already. Stop trying to fleece us.

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