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Several Streaming Issues, Please Solve.

Good Morning; My wife and I are Retired and needing to save money and use Streaming as much as possible.

1. Call your ISP provider internet speed to Slow.

2. TV Freezes and then Buffers, all time of the day.

3. Buffers and comes back then Buffers and continues to Buffer.

4. Watching TV Streaming Videos and just loose Connection.

5. Unplug Modem, Unplug TV Daily.

6. Netgear log shows Critical software not delivered. Over and over.

7. Many messages are not installed.

 ***** I don't know if I am using this correctly, never used this forum or any forum before.

    ****** Please Help.

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    Have you tried bypassing your router and hardwired your device directly to the modem? Are you just having issues with streaming or other sites on the internet?