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Setting data limits for wifi connect devices vs wired devices

the modem has UBee on the front, nothing else. i pay for premier up to 150mb/s but barely get 75mb/s  I want to limit wifi users to 500 gigs. this way my wired devices will have the rest of the data aloud. I have to purchase my NHL TV thru internet due to the fact that i have a HD  receiver. But games only come in Stander format on NHL Center Ice. Unless i pay more for a contour box. I pay over $300.00 per month. And being disabled, thats allot. But need my roku and internet.. please help, kids download 1 x-box game equals anywhere from 50-12o gigs  thank you.

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    The device you're using doesn't provide that level of data usage granularity. There may be devices that can handle that however I'm not personally aware of any myself. Being that it's a 2.4Ghz only device 75Mbps will probably be about as fast as the wifi can go. If you were to use a wired PC with gigabit Ethernet you probably could achieve 150Mbps.