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Set up smart tv remote to control cox minibox

I would like to know if it’s possible to use my smart tv LG remote  to control channels from coxmini box? I’ve already  set up my tv and can se channels only through the minibox but can’t change channels will th tv remote i only can change them with cox remote but since its a smart tv i want to use only the tv remember te since cox one doesn’t have all does features can youhelp me? Also tried to connect cable coaxial directtothe tv and can’t access channels only through gh mini box do i need another box or is there any way to control channels with tv control ** to have 2 remotes one just to change channels 

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    Other Remote to control minibox,

    To setup controlling the cable box with your TV remote, you will need to check your TV manual on how to program that device. The cable remote can also be programmed to turn the TV on/off & use the volume button as well. That info is on the setup of the cable box which you can access on the remote. You now have a choice on which remote you want to use.