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Service Problems/Bad Customer Service

I spent several hours on the phone this evening attempting to address persistent service issues with my Cox Internet. I opened a ticket back in December reporting an issue with T3/T4 timeout errors which I understand are not a problem with customer premises equipment. This issue has been causing random dropouts on internet access for several months. I have never received a response from Cox on ticket # CUI000003984617. The issues have been occurring since approximately around Thanksgiving of 2016.

After working with the Cox representatives for many hours I have come to the following revelations concerning my ticket:

1. Tier 1 representatives are not properly trained to deal with modem signal issues.

2. Tier 1 representatives do not know how to properly escalate signal issues to Tier 2.

3. There has been a complete failure on the part of Cox Communications to appropriately escalate the ticket or follow up on said ticket once submitted. 

4. After 4 months of service problems, nobody at Cox's customer service center can explain the failure of Cox Communications to appropriately handle the ticket. 

5. Following multiple escalations and repeating the problems to multiple Cox representatives, nobody can tell me why or how the original ticket was not submitted properly or otherwise addressed by the Cox engineering staff.

6. While a trouble call has now been dispatched to a field tech, Cox refuses to accept responsibility for the connectivity issues,and refuses to offer credit for all of the months of interrupted service. 

7. Cox had admitted on the call that they have logs of T3 & T4 timeout issues dating back to February, but refuses to offer credit for the lost months of service.

8. The Cox representatives are not aware of the Service Level Agreements offered to residential customers, and in turn places the blame on the customer for not calling back multiple times to ensure that the service issues have been rectified. The representative made reference to "best effort" service although I highly doubt that 4 months of service interruption qualifies as a "best effort" attempt to provide service in any and all cases, even when evidence of such interruption has been provided to and acknowledged by Cox Communications. 

9. The supervisor of tier 2 operations that I spoke with, "Anthony", employee ID 18120, offered no remedy that was already provided by lower tier representatives despite acknowledging the existing of service issues dating back to February. Additionally, this employee stated multiple times that it was the customer's responsibility to ensure that the issue was addressed by calling back into Cox support multiple times, under the guise that the existence of said issues cannot be confirmed despite the existence of log data from the modem and the ticket which was submitted in December.

10. After receiving and unsatisfactory response from this representative, I recommended cancellation of service, which this representative stated was "my choice" and made no effort to retain me as a customer.

11. After requesting to be transferred to account retentions for immediate termination of the account, I was transferred to a number that was not currently in service. I was offered no chance to leave a message, and was hung up on with a fast busy signal. 

12. Additionally, the Cox representatives could not provide me with the contact information for the cable market representative in which I reside. 

I find this level of service from Cox Communications to be completely unacceptable, and if no acceptable response can be negotiated (ie. immediate rectification of said service issues and refund of my monthly service charges in full for those months in which inoperable service was received) I plan to immediately switch my services to CenturyLink communications. 

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    I looked at the connection from this end however no obvious problems stand out. I did see you tested the speeds a few months ago and the results were correct for your tier of service. Can you try signing into your account and running a few more tests to see what results you get?