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Service issues and DVR buzzing

Has anyone experienced loud buzzing coming from their DVR?  The noise started yesterday and will not stop unless I unplug the unit.  I do not think it is coming from the hard drives and the content I have recorded over the weekend since the buzzing started does playback fine.

On a secondary note, has anyone in Southern California been experiencing a wide loss of viewable channels?  I contacted the live chat on Saturday night and they mentioned a local channel disruption but with no timeframe as to when it would be corrected.  I can access some channels (GoT recorded fine last night as did the premiere of Top Gear America on BBC America), but most channels, including all of LA's local network affiliates, come up black with an eventual "Temporarily Off Air" graphic appearing.  My DVR tried and failed to record the F1 race over the weekend because NBCSN was one of the affected channels.

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    Sound like the hard drive may be gone we also need to check the signal levels of the box. Please email full address and primary name on the account to