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Server Drops Connection

Cox continually drops my connection to a financial data service.  About every 12 seconds Cox drops it, and then my software reconnects.  This cycle repeats continuously all day/night.  I've had Cox service for a few months, and this problem just started yesterday.  The data service says there are NOT any connection issues on their end, and that the problem is ISP server related.  My connection to all streaming video sites and other data sites all work fine, so the problem is with one specific connection.  The  data vendor is Kinetick.  Who do I contact to get this problem fixed.?

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    Since you are having problems with only 1 site and you aren't getting drops with streaming services, it points to the data vendor, Kinetick. As a test, can you run a continuous ping (like pingplotter) to the Kinetick server.  See if you get packet loss when you loose data connection.

    I'm not sure what "ISP server" Kinetick is talking about, you are going out over Cox's network but I don't know of any server.

    What are you running their software on? A wired or WiFi connection? If WiFi, have you tried wired? Finally, what router/modem/gateway do you have?