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Sending emails while overseas fails silently


I'm in Italy with my family on vacation and emails sent from any of our devices through Cox email accounts are not being processed.  They show up in the "sent" folder locally, but they are never received.  However, we can receive emails with no issues.

I saw a couple of forum topics on this which were never resolved.  The moderators suggested there is a new security layer that intercepts SMTP/IMAP calls from overseas IP addresses.  They go on to say that authenticating "manually" should open the restriction.

But none of the advice explains how to do that.  I've tried accessing webmail through a browser, but the authentication process just hangs or errors out.  But I had no trouble authenticating into my account (and submit this question).

There were also suggestions to (a) see if the IP address is blocked, (b) setup a VPN connection, (c) setup a GMail proxy account.  I'm not sure how to do any of that (or why I should have to). Email access to other (non-Cox) accounts works fine.

So does anyone know how to solve the problems sending emails from iOS devices while overseas? Thanks very much,


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    If you are trying to use cox's SMTP servers from a device while sending mail, it will fail. those outgoing mail servers usually check to see if you are actually on their network (like you are at home). So if the server domain for that account ends in its probably not being authenticated. Use the webmail as Tiffany suggested or utilize gmail when abroad or some other web-based email that doesn't tie you to a network-based authentication.

  • I have had the same problem in England, Canada and Mexico. The solution to use only partially solves the problem. I have given my Cox email address to people all over the world and sometimes I get emails from them so I assumed it was working. Living in Phoenix AZ I purchased British Airways tickets, an international company on 7 continents, and still have not received email confirmation to my Cox email. It has worked in the past so I suspect security has tightened. So, all the people overseas could be sending me email and wondering why I have not replied. When I travel now I go to webmail and forward to my gmail address so I can respond to emails easily. My Cox email as registered with about 200 websites over the years and it looks like I need to convert them all to Gmail. Once I do that there is no need for me to stay with COX as a provider. Doing a web search it looks like this problem has been around for 10 years. Given international travel and trade it is short sighted not to fix it. Keith 35 years with COX and getting ready to leave.
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    I'd also suggest trying to sign into your main account while on the connection you're trying to send emails from. If you're prompted for supplemental identify verification it should work once you complete that process.