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Security Suite is just not available

When I select “Go to” it takes me to, which has the error: “McAfee can't protect you yet. Once you’ve purchased a product, return here to install it.”

So, I need to have the MacAfee software already in order to get it, or another interpretation is I have to buy the software in order to get it free. This is beyond normal.

In five phone calls I have been sent in circles by your “support”, and one person sent me off to a telephone troubleshooter. The last person suggested I was pretty stupid. Twice you guys put me on hold with a dial tone! I have tried it in three browsers, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome, all free of add-on junk. There is ONLY ONE logon credential, so none of that stuff about not being the account holder should apply.

The Cox web site is full of scattered old pages, so maybe that’s a problem; it’s clear that some of it’s un-tended. Please fix this runaround nonsense and please get me a working link to the program you promised me. Please DO NOT give me the usual call center guys who can't function if it's not on their screen.

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  • Hi Jessse, are you logged in on the Cox website using your primary Cox user id and password? From your Account page, after you are logged on, scroll down to My Internet, then click on View More and click on the Cox Security Suite icon to reach the McAfee page. Please let us know if this works for you.