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Security Suite download issues

I have been trying to download Mcaffee for the last week and I keep getting an error message stating that I have not yet purchased a product so I cannot download anything.  Yes, I have removed all other virus protection from my computer.  I have been an internet customer for several years and all was working fine until I started getting messages pop up to renew my virus protection.  I've called Cox for support several times and my calls keep getting escalated or misrouted.  I could seriously stay on the phone for more than an hour and not receive any help with this issue.  Could someone please help me!?

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    What program is popping up messages to renew your subscription...McAfee?

    Where did you get your current version of McAfee?   Was it pre-installed on your computer?  If so, it had a free-trail period that expired.  You should uninstall that version.

    Where are you trying to download McAfee?  You can download the free version of McAfee from the Cox website.

    1.  Log into your Cox account at
    2.  At the top of the page, click My Connection
    3.  Select Internet Tools
    4.  Under Account Management, locate Security Suite
    5.  Click whichever option to download.  (Mine says Manage because I already have it installed)

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    I would suggest not downloading or installing Mcaffee. It is seen through out the AV world as the Kmart of it's kind. Was AVG vs Avast for free AV, but Avast just bought AVG, so I would suggest Avast.

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    have a new computer and been getting mcafee free from you. how can it be tranfered to the new computer.ingrid gray

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    You don't "transfer" the program, you just re-download it on your new computer. See here for details.