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Secondary Email Not Setup

A week ago, I attempted to add a new secondary email address to my account.  The user information took, but the email address still remains inactive, bouncing a 501 error if I try to send something to the address.

I have been in touch with Cox at least seven times through chat and phone to get the issue resolved.  I understand that issues occur, but each time I have been given a different answer from Cox.  I just spent over 45 minutes on hold with Tier 2 support, only to get disconnected.

Should this really be that big of an issue?  It's only an email address...!!?????

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    Hi Frustrated1234,

    We'd like to assist. We can check the log-in from the back office. Please send us an email to Be sure to include your full name, service address, and reference this post.

  • Good Afternoon,

    Are you still experiencing trouble with Email? Please let us know if we can offer any assistance. 

    Thank you,