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Here it is 2016 and I still can access the SEC Network via ESPN3.  Keeps saying User is not Authorised.  Do I need to purchase extra services or what.  I am already spending a ton of money on services already.  Been a customer since the '90s.  You would think that would count for something other than a mere thank you and a pat on the back.  Why can I access the SEC NETWORK?

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    Do you have a cable subscription that included the SEC network?  In my market SEC is part of the Sports & Information Pak.  If that's the case in your market, a subscription to that pak is required to view it online.  Cox doesn't give programming away for free to long term customers but, if you want to add the pak, contact customer loyalty, they may be able to give you a deal on it.

    Edit: in rereading your post, you say "I still can access the SEC Network" and "Why can I access the SEC NETWORK?".  Are you complaining that you can access the network or did you mean "can't"?  My response was with the assumption of "can't".