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Search by Title and caller ID on the TV not working

Had this problem a month ago and it was supposedly fixed.  Today it went out again.  Search By Title says "listings not available" and Caller ID on the TV has quit working again. 

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  • Hello Scoutldr,

    If this is still happening, then I would recommend a receiver reset. is a bitly to our website where you can attempt to reset at your convenience. If this step hasn't resolved both troubles with the search and TV Caller ID Banner, then let us know and we can take a closer look.

    Can you confirm if your Caller ID is working on the phone?

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    Yes, caller ID on the phone is working.  Cable box reset did not fix anything...just like last month.

  • scoutldr,

    We may need to reserve a technician appointment, because the signal strength on the receiver isn't good. The interactive feature should be working on the TV through the HD receiver. If unplugging the power and reconnecting each end of the coaxial cable going from the wall to the receiver hasn't resolved, we can get a technician to diagnose and resolve.