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Screen Freeze While Using Netflix

Hi --

Over the past couple of weeks my service has developed an issue I haven't had prior to now. While streaming Netflix the screen will freeze even while the sound continues. I'm wondering if Cox has changes download speeds recently. Strangely, I do not have the same problem when watching Netflix on my laptop -- just the Samsung TV, and only on Netflix. Any suggestions? This is in Santa Barbara, CA



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    That doesn't sound like a internet issue, but a problem with the TV's netflix app. First thing I would try is signing out and then back into the app, Then try uninstalling/reinstalling the app and make sure the TV's firmware is up to date. Finally, if that doesn't work, try a factory reset of the Samsung hub.

  • Hi Apollosmaster,

    Did any of the above suggestions make a difference in your ability to watch Netflix on your Samsung TV? Is the Samsung TV connected to your network via a Cat 6 ethernet cord?