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Scientific Atlanta Discontinuation?

Hi Cox Forum!  So sorry for this long email.  Is it true that Scientific Atlanta cable boxes are being phased out?  I love them , especially because I have bad eyesight, so I prefer the larger view  of the Cox guides and banners on the Scientific Atlanta, and all font views when navigating the screen choices.   Also, the Scientific Atlantas meet my needs completely.  My daughter had a Contour for a while, but she hated it--me too-and it was eventually replaced with a Scientifc Atlanta, so I have some knowledge of using them and reviewing them.  I learned and used the Contour features just fine so that wasn't the issue.   In my home  I  have one new-ish Scientific Atlanta DVR that works great (bedroom).  I have a 2nd older one one in my family room that is on borrowed time- its "hard drive" is about gone but it gives me cable connectivity for now-- I just can't use the DVR function anymore.  The reason I am holding on to it is because of a Cox contractor tech who came to my home to look at it.  This is what he said:  he cannot replace my dying Scientific Atlanta DVR with a new or refurbished Scientific Atlanta DVR.  He said Cox is phasing them out and replacing all of them with Contours.   I do not like the Contour.  I love my Scientific Atlanta HD DVRs, especially my good  one in the bedroom.  So this tech said I could  NOT get a Scientific Atlanta from Cox--period--and he could only replace my dying Scientiic Atlanta with a Contour DVR.  More frustrating, he said once he installs a Contour in one room, he must remove my good Scientific Atlanta in the other room and also install Contour.  In other words, all Cox HD DVR cable boxes must be the same now--and that means switching to Contour.  We can no longer have a Scientiic Atlanta in one room, and a Contour in the other.   That means I would lose my good Scientific Atlanta and be forced to switch to Contour.  Is that true?  I have a friend who has Cox and she actually has Contour in one room and a Scientific Atlanta in another---so that confuses me.  What I want to do is simple--go to a Cox store, bring them my dying Scientific Atlanta HD DVR and get a replacement Scientific Atlanta HD DVR--new or refurbished.  But according to the Cox contractor tech, that won't happen and they won't even service Scientific Atlantas that have an issue.   The tech told me my only other option is just using a mini box, but no, I want HDTV DVR cable and ultimate channels in the rooms where we watch TV the most.  I already have a min box which is fine for a spare room.  So I apologize for this crazy long email, but the bottom line questions are: (1) Are they phasing out Scientific Atlantas, and (2) if a Contour has to be installed in one room, do I have to replace the good Scientific Atlanta in my other room also with a Contour? 

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  • HI TVAddict, we are phasing out the older Scientific Atlanta cable boxes and replacing them with the newer Contour cable boxes. The change is not just the equipment but the platform (software) that they run on. So, replacing one box will mean replacing the other one as both receivers will need to be running the same software.