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scientific atlanta 4240 HDC aspect ratio problems

The Scientific Atlanta 4240HDC will not change the picture size of either of my SD tvs when I change the aspect ratio options in settings.  and the HD zoom button does not result in a change in the picture size.  There are lines across top and bottom of the picture.  I thought it was my Magnavox SD tv, but then I got ahold of a SD Sony and the same results.   The Cox minibox will expand the picture, but I need the composite and s-video connectors, for use with my vcr,  which the minibox does not have.   please  a solution????  I enquired back in November and never received a response.  

the tv picture will not change even if the vcr is not hooked up.  

any live chat or call to Cox has not resulted in any solution. 


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  • kathann

    Do you happen to have the remote control that came with the television set? You could probably adjust the picture size that way. Another consideration would be to swap the 4240HD receiver for a Non-HD receiver. That way the picture will fill the screen.

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