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SB6190 packet loss

For the past few months I have been getting packet loss. After I reboot the modem it goes away then within a day comes back. I did some searching and it seems firmware 9.1.93N is the problem. Are there any plans to upgrade it? Apparently the issue is fixed with firmware 9.1.93T. Can I manually update it or do I need to get the update from cox?

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    The firmware you're referring to hasn't been tested for our network yet. It actually is an attempt to address a latency issue being investigated with the Puma 6 chipset and doesn't address packet loss.

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    Sorry to hijack the thread but do you have an ETA when this might possibly be pushed out?

    I've been experiencing the same PUMA6 latency issue for so many months now. When I opened a support ticket about it, they feigned ignorance and rebooted my modem even though that never fixes the issue permanently. The tech that came out said didn't see anything on his end and blamed my equipment. I insisted it wasn't and so he said he "removed a filter from outside which should fix it" to get me off his back and left. I've just been dealing with it now waiting for the firmware update... but hoping you guys can push it out soon!