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SB6190 Firmware

I have constant latency issues with this modem, which is a known bug on this model. I spoke to ARRIS tonight and they said they had provided firmware that fixes the issue to Cox, but it's up to Cox to push it out. This old thread even mentions Cox testing it as far back as March 14th. Other ISP's have pushed it out, what is Cox waiting for?

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    At this time it is still in testing. No further info is available.

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    I feel like maybe it shouldn't be listed as a supported modem by Cox with known issues like this. I definitely wouldn't have purchased it had I known it was going to cause problems with VoIP or gaming in its current state. I would really like to hear some sort of ballpark time-frame from Cox on when this firmware might get pushed so I can figure out whether I need to buy yet-another-cable modem, or look for service elsewhere.

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    +1 for taking if off the supported list until a firmware fix is applied.

  • +1 to not recommend until firmware is pushed.  I also bought arris modem based on recommendation.  Ended up junking it  :-(

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    I am experiencing this same issue with the SB6190 (no issues on the SB6121). When is Cox going to push new firmware to correct this? (multiple other ISP vendors have ALREADY pushed to their customers)

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    Yeah I literally just picked this modem up, because I was replacing the 8x4 channel cox had been renting me with my Ultimate package... 

    I'm even having a tech out tomorrow to move the cable line to my garage near my server rack closer to the line from the tap and before all other cable lines in my house to minimize noise.

    Finding threads like this after the tech said this was a good modem is a little disappointing, wish there was a way to get the updated firmware early.

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    It would be nice to get that firmware out.  Seems odd that they are "testing" for months on end without any schedule and active users having irritating problems.  Please hurry and get through testing COX!  

    I was under the impression all the issues were resolved when I purchased mine.