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SB6141 firmware version?

Hi there,

I was on firmware on my SB6141; however after a call today level 2 tech support at COX told me 2 years older version was actually the recommended one and rolled me back. I am curious as to if that was correct? or should I be on the newer one?

Also, there is an issue with SB6141 where if upload pipe is saturated the modem will lock up (not reboot, you have to pull power to recover), the issue is well documented and has been happening for over 3 years. Fairly easy to reproduce by just dropping a file onto a service that will saturate it. Like Dropbox or Youtube. Any size file will do, happened yesterday to me with 1 megabyte file dropped in Dropbox.

Someone mentioned a new Arris SB6141 firmware 1.0.7 is rolling out soon for Comcast that addresses this issue. Does COX plan to roll out this firmware?

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    Email us at with your account info and we can take a look at this for you.