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SB5101 surfboard cable modem

I am wondering if my older modem won't work with the internet cable packgage the I have.What is the current recomendations via what I have and what is capablel with my internet package.the current modem is quite older.I get alot of freeze-ups,ect.

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    The SB5101 is one of the few shining stars I've seen in the consumer networking market, only surpassed by the WRT54G router.  I still encounter these running strong 10-12 years after they were first released.  They are limited in that the max you'll get is 25Mbps down - so if you are on the Preferred or any higher plan it will be limiting your speed.

    Freeze-ups are imprecise - can't tell if they are software or network based on just that statement.  If the freeze-up causes your browser to stop responding completely?  That is usually a software issue on the computer, especially if it gives the ever helpful error: "Internet Explorer has stopped working". 

    I personally recommend nothing less than an 8x4 modem (SB6141 or equivalent) or better.  You don't need to spend a ton of money unless you are subscribed to Ultimate - then use at least a 16x4 modem. 

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