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Saved emails in my personal folders in Old Cox email app are missing in same folders in New Cox Email app, how do I get them back?

I've always stored emails I need to save in separate folders and I have around a dozen of them. I noticed that when all the Cox internet users were switched over to the new email app that all the data in my folders went missing. I never used the Cox Cloud backup that's going away, I stored my emails in folders on the Cox email web residential web site URL/app using my browser. The went missing when the old Cox email app was discontinued and replaced by the new Cox email app. I access Cox Email through the internet URL not through an email client on a PC or tablet. How do I get my folder emails I had stored on the old Cox Email web site back and show stored for access in the new Cox Email app?? Thanks!

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    Hello @Jeanscape,

    Is the email address you are experiencing issues with the same as the email used for this forums account? Are you able to your emails by going to 

  • I have this same problem now that I'm on the NEW email.  How do I store/save my emails on the Cox email system -- it makes a great backup in case I lose my other devices.

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    Emails should automatically show up in the inbox on webmail unless you have a different device/mail program setup using the POP server, which will cause the emails to download to that device/program instead of keeping them on the mail server like IMAP would.

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