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San Diego - gigabit packet loss and streaming issues

Starting about two weeks ago I started getting pretty consistent and severe packet loss on my gigabit connection

Reviewing the SB8200 modem page at (using gigabit package) I see all the DOCSIS 3.0 channels are fine (0-5 DB power and no or low corrected packet count) but the DOCSIS 3.1 channel is around 10 DB in power and gets roughly 1.2 million corrected packets per week since the "event".

I track my connection to LA, Dallas, Chicago and New York using SmokePing on my router which tracks jitter and loss via pings with fping. A healthy connection should show me nothing but green (0 loss) on my checks across the board. My current unhealthy connection has blue and dark blue (multiple packets lost) all over the place.

I am unable to stream to twitch reliably it fluctuates anywhere from 0 kbit to 3500 kbit and my settings are to stream at 6000 kbit which has been working fine but now I can't stream at all at any settings.

I have downgraded my package tonight to 300mbit and put back in my SB6183 thinking my internet would work again since the DOCSIS 3.0 channels appear to be healthy and I am still experiencing packet loss and the same crappy twitch streaming. I would like to get back on the gigabit package and resolve this issue.

Two techs were at my house and replaced everything they could replace and they mentioned maintenance may need to come out to run RG11 to replace my RG6. I want to see if the Cox tech people can possibly check into this and see if there's anything that can be done. My gigabit was running flawlessly for a few weeks on my RG6.


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    We can address your issue to see about having a RG11 cable run to your home. Would you please send us an email to with your full address & your full name? We will check your modem to see about any issues as well.

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    Thank you, Mark!

    I have sent the e-mail as requested.

    Happy holidays!

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    A senior tech will be by my house Sunday to take a look at the situation and if need be schedule maintenance to come by and run a new RG11 line to my house. I will update on the results afterwards.