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Samsung DVD to Cox mini

Before the cox technician came out I had the Cable connected to the DVD IN and out from there.  My original problem got corrected when the Technican did an automatic rescan on the DVD.  After he did that I tested that I could record Comedy Central because I am not up that late at night.  It worked fine.  Then the Technical said "I will set you up with the cable going directly to the mini box" .  Dumb me I didn't recheck after he did that and left and now can only record those TV channels on Channel 4 which is where my DVD is set per original instructions.  I want to put tt back to where it was before he

moved the cable to the mini box.  I know that the cable was previously set on RFIN and  cable RFout on the DVD and before the mini to the TV RFin.  I know where the cable from the wall goes and the RFOut but where on the mini do I put that RFOUT or does it go back to the TV?

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    redbird, once your market completes the switch to all digital, your original setup won't work at all.  You can't go back, at least after the switch.  Here is the connection:

    cable from wall ---> minibox cable in --|-- minibox cable out ---> DVD RFIN --|-- DVD RFOUT ---> TV RFIN

    Your DVD player/recorder must be set on the same channel as the switch on the back of the minibox (3 or 4).  The DVD tuner will no longer function to change channels, this must be done by the minibox.