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Same old same old Cox email password problems

Like the complaint at where Cox admits they have had server problems, this problem is still ongoing.

I have been a Cox customer for 27 years and have had the same "Enter Your Password' issue off & on for at least 12 years or so.  It doesn't matter that I have not changed my password, Cox still insists that my password is invalid.  Then the problem will clear up on its own without me doing anything where it may work fine for 8-12 months without problem.  Then it happens again..  

It happened to my personal email off & on since yesterday and it then cleared up mid-morning today.  Then after my email started working again without me having changed anything, my wife's email went down for the same reason... continuous (!) Enter Your Password' popups leaving her email down for 5 hours.  I finally went onto the Cox Chat service and the rep changed the password to something else and it magically started working again... even though we had never changed any passwords on the Cox site or on any of my wife's three computers she logs into from different locations (we turn them off when not at that location).

Earlier today, I was on the phone with Cox tech support 'Tier 2" and the lady on the phone was UNBELIEVABLY rude, she constantly interrupted me and could only say that they only guarantee Cox Webmail will work, not their POP system which all of my computers use.  When I kept telling her that it was the Cox POP system that wasn't working, that I'm not going to have three bad computers, she kept ignoring the POP system and said I would have to use the Cox Webmail program since that's all she said Cox guaranteed.  

Before we got much further, the Tier 2 rep hung up on me when I asked to escalate the issue to her manager.   That happened around 3:40 PM PST time today if anyone from Cox wants to see who is hanging up on customers without resolving the issue.

Color me as a LONG-TERM Cox customer who is still angry.  If I could switch to another provider, I would.

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    @Jerry Bransford

    I did take a look and it appears your password did get compromised. To fix the problem you'll need to reset your password making sure you don't change it back to a password you have used before. We recommend that it also be different from any other passwords you've used for other services for your own security.