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For some reason it wont let me change the name of my router, what is the reason?

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    You don't even include the make/model of your router or what's happening when you try to change the name, how do you expect anyone here to know the reason.  Come on, how about some details, our crystal ball is out for repair.

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    Are you referring to the SSID which is the name broadcast to show the network is available? You should be able to go into your router and change the SSID being broadcast. That is the only "name" I can think of. You should be able to look at your router's manual on how go do this. I always print out my manuals from PDF files I have saved and if I do not have the manual....I Google the make and model of a router or whatever and find a manual that way Also you can post here the name and model of your router...Like Cisco as a name and the model number, and maybe find an answer giving out that information.