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Router restarts randomly

Hello I have a Netgear C6300BD router and over the past few weeks it just randomly reboots. I have tried troubleshooting it multiple times but so far I cannot find a root cause other than possible faulty power supply in the unit.  Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Dreg88,

    Other than the random reboots, your Gateway metrics look okay; I don't see any packet loss. Since you are renting the Netgear C6300BD, I suggest one of the following options: you can swap the Gateway at the nearest Cox Solutions Store, or we can schedule a service call for an on-site technician. The tech will verify all external and internal equipment and connections, and can swap the Gateway if necessary. Which is most convenient for you?

    Find the Cox Solutions Store nearest you at Our appointment time slots are 8-10AM, 10-12PM, 1-3PM, 3-5PM, and 5-7PM, daily. If you'd like us to schedule a service call, email my team at with your full name, address, a link to this post, and the time of day and day of the week that would work best for you.