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Router Light / Connection Question.

Hello again,

Awhile back I noticed that my Outbound light was flashing and I was receiving some disconnects and issues with my online gaming.

The issue was solved by removing a splitter that my dad had added.  I saw a better connection in games and the Cox Tech said he was seeing a better connection also.

Now recently I have noticed that the second light down on my C6300 router is flashing even after a reset of the modem.

I believe it is the light for downstream/download?

I haven't noticed any issues yet with my connection.
But I thought I would ask since you guys were to helpful last time.


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    I don't recall exactly what the light patter is on that device but I looked from here and see it reporting weak signal and packet loss. It may be time to look for rogue splitters again and see if there's a way to eliminate them.

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    Here is a picture of the front panel & description of lights.  If it's the arrow pointing to the lower right, yes, it's the downstream connection.  If it's blinking, the modem it trying to acquire downstream channels.  Check all cables for wear & breaks and all connectors to be sure they are tight & secure.  Bypass any splitters in the line.  If everything looks good & a reset doesn't help, you may have to contact support and have a tech out.