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Roku "No Auth"

I cant seem to get another activation code for the History Channel.  When I did log on (before),  and then go to ROKU History Channel and go to log on, it says "No Auth".  That's as far as I can get.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Also the History Channel will let you watch seasons 1,2,3.  It did log on to season 4 but it stops at S4 s3,  But now I cant even get that far.  This is very frustrating,  I you can help me, please do!  I followed the original directions to get a new authorization code, but it still gives me the "no authz" on the screen.If you know where I can get the instructions, I'd surely appreciate it.  I just want a direct answer and not a "beat around the bush" answer.

    I did look at several forums but I never got a straight answer. Thank you

    Impatiently waiting.

  • Hi Roku,

    Since you stated that you need "another" activation code for the History Channel Roku app, it sounds like you were provided an activation code at some point in the past. Why do you need another activation code? Are you using a different Roku device?

    Per the History Channel website, all Roku users are able to browse History Channel shows and episodes. Most series also offer at least one, and often several, unlocked episodes to all viewers. For full access, however, you will need to subscribe to a participating cable TV service. Does your cable subscription include the History Channel?

  • I was provided an activation code and it was "successful" .  I then went to Rodu and returned to the History Channel where I wanted to be and that is when I got the "NO Authz" message.

    The History Channel is provided in the basic package.  Cox cable says that it goes through successfully, its when I get back to Roku is where I ended up with the No Auth message.

     We also went out and bought another Roku device and we still encounter the same problem.

  • It sounds like you may be signing in with a Cox Secondary User ID, or perhaps a User ID associated with a Cox account not subscribed to video services.

    Make sure you are signing in with the Primary User ID associated with your Cox cable TV subscription. If you aren't sure whether you are using the correct Cox login ID, go to and log in. When logged in with your Primary User ID, you should see the following options underneath the "My Profile" heading:

    Profile & Contact
    Password & Security
    Add & Manage Users

    Those options will not display in "My Profile" when logged in as a Secondary User. My team can also verify your login credentials. Email us at, and be sure to include your full name, address, User ID, and a link to this thread. We'll get to the bottom of this for you!