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RoboCalls, Spam, Telemarketing frequency increasing

In the past 3 months, our number of unwanted calls has increased by 150%.  Cox solutions to address these annoying callers are anemic.  And YES, I have registered at the DoNotCall website (another joke).  

I painfully tried the Call Blocking feature that was presented as $1 / month / line.  Upon reviewing my bill, I was charged $4 / month for each of my home lines.  I attempted to give it a try and quickly reached the 30 call number limit.  The 30 number limit was not shared with me during my registration with Cox...

Not only is the limit ridiculously low, trying to manipulate the service on a phone is a nightmare.

Cox is far behind the times / technology on addressing Spam, RoboCalls, Telemarketing and Spoofing issues plaguing their customers.

This is my first post to Cox, but I see that I am far from alone in my frustration with the lack of tools to block unwanted calls on my home lines.

My next step will likely be to drop my home phones and use cellular phones that do address this more effectively.  This has been a very successful, less expensive solution used by many of my friends and family.

Cox, please listen and do something!


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    Agree.  When you call to cancel your land line, they give you a line of BS that your bill will actually go up.  We need a corporate contact for Cox.  Long time customer, but getting fed up with these calls.  They don't support NOMOROBO which requires something called synchronized ring I believe.  Privacy blocker was available long ago until they cancelled it.  It appears the head at cox is: Patrick J. Esser  Maybe if we post his home address and phone number on a public forum, we can call him/her and start harassing them to get something done.

    Cox Communications
    6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE
    Atlanta, GA 30328

    Atlanta Headquarters

    Cox Communications, Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For general business correspondence, please send mail to:

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    This is a very important problem with Cox.  I just moved to Cox from Verizon FIOS -- and FIOS digital telephone fully supports

    In addition, my business uses Cox, and there the digital phone service does support synchronized, or second, ringing.  Why, Cox, why not provide residential customers the same thing provided to business customers?

    The *60 feature (blocking) would be hilarious if it were not so pathetic.  Limiting the call blocking to 30 numbers is ridiculously ineffective.  Try to imagine how insignificant it would be to the Cox software to increase this to 300 numbers .. first only a few people will ever use it, and secondly, the storage problems as miniscule and trivial.  This is a Cox growing customer service nightmare.  I plan to blog on this, and to find other telecom and ISP forums and make sure as many people as possible who might consider switching to Cox as I did give it a second thought.  Having my phone ring continuously from spammers is a nightmare.  Oh, one more thing .. I was in a 'chat' option with customer support a short time ago, and the clueless representative suggested I enroll in the federal do not call program.  I almost felt sorry for him, having to say that out loud to a Cox customer.