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Robo Call Blocking

I have written Cox numerous times asking when they will be getting set up to start blocking robo calls and after waiting and sometimes requesting a 2nd or 3rd time they give me the same thing that they are not set up and they are going to look into it. This has been over a year now and still the same thing. I don't understand why they are dragging their feet. 

I saw today that there were several phone companies that are offering VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol and when I started looking into it the #1 phone service was vonage for only $19.95 a month with all the options and robo blocking.

I guess Cox wants all their phone customers to start going to the lower cost companies and not offer phone service any longer. If I am forced to leave i'm taking my internet and all with it because I cannot do business with a company that does not try to help their customers and stay in touch with technology.  It's not that there prices are all that competitive anyway. 

Still pondering the change. 

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  • Hello,

    We apologize again if the robocalls are affecting you.  We have not heard anything in regards to this feature.  Currently today to combat these types or calls we still would need to activate and use the selective call blocking feature.  We would hate to see you leave us over this feature.  It has been submitted to our product teams for review.  If anything changes where we would start to offer the feature.  It will be communicated to all customers at that time.



  • Frankly it is becoming a situation where providers like Cox are party to the criminal harassment.  I have anonymous call blocking and twice today callers attempted to call from "private" numbers then changed to "800 service" spoofs to get through.

    Selective call blocking only works if the caller/harasser uses legitimate ID info and doesn't continually change/spoof it to knowingly and deliberately get around what is a laughingly inadequate measure on Cox's part... that we must pay for.

    This is deliberate harassment.  Their call is not wanted and when they encounter the block they spoof a number and ID to get around it.  By doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING beyond lip service to address our concerns, Cox enables this and after YEARS of battling this only to get empty platitudes in response it's beyond clear that our "friend in the digital age®" couldn't possibly care less.

    I suppose I shouldn't expect much from as company that doesn't have the basic decency to notify customers when service is scheduled to go down for maintenance/repairs.  Being on the receiving end of this colors everything that is said/posted by what may well be individuals committed to customer service. 

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    I have been a Cox customer for about 30 years. Their idea of customer loyalty is to raise prices. The FCC has come out recently and asked the providers to block robo calls but Cox seems to encourage them with their hands off attitude. The technology has been available for a couple years but Cox only wants to develop programs they can make money on, like their mini boxes. Nickle and dime everyone because it adds up to millions of dollars a month. I had an unlisted number and it was .50 cents a month. Then they arbitrarily raised it to $1.50 for no reason other than they could. If and when I can change to another carrier I will in a heart beat but I live in a semi-rural area where they are the only game in town. But then, my experience is they all went to the same business school where the philosophy is screw the customer until they won't take the raping any longer.